Q: Is UV environmentally friendly? What protection I need when I use UV printer?
A: UV-cured inks have the advantage of being virtually VOC-free. All types of UV products can be handled safely as long as the user is well trained and observes all recommended safety procedures.
However, UV(ultraviolet) can cause skin and eye irritation or even chemical blister burns on prolonged direct contact. We suggest operator wearing impervious gloves and protective glasses, wearing impervious aprons and shoes(Press operators).
Maxcan printer offers a hood for the print area and complete protection against UV emissions, ozone and ink misting.

Q: What’s the application of UV printer?
A: Extensively applied on various materials for all kinds of industries and various materials, such as metal, glass, ceramic tile,phone covers,wood (MDF),PVC, KT board,acrylic,foam board,plastic,etc printing. Almost all materials with flat surface, you can have a try.

Q: How to buy a Maxcan Printer?
A: List your requirements in details and email to sales@maxcanprinter.com, our sales representative will contact you asap. Or you can come to visit our company & factory in Shenzhen ,China.

Q: How to get your service support?
A: Maxcan offers easy and on time online service support to our customers.Customer would receive unlimited support for installation of machine via video,phone or email. If customer require on-site support, customer should be responsible for technician’s both-way plane tickets,Visa and local accommodations.

Q: How to get spare parts and inks?
A: You can get spare parts and inks through email or phone from our company Maxcan.

Q: Who will give me training?
A: Maxcan provides you with a complete training package, including site preparation, printer operation, application training and trouble shooting.We will offer 3~5 days free training in our factory, there will be engineer to tech you software, operation,maintenance, printing technology,etc.

Q:Does Maxcan need the distributors in different country?
A: YES, Worldwide Distributors Wanted. But we have some requirements for distributors. So if you want to be our distributor, please contact us!

Q: After placing the order, how long will I get the printer?
A: Within 12 business days after we get the deposit. But we can offer urgent delivery time according to actual situation.