How does the universal printer to print dark color?

Universal printer is a new model machine, which can directly print color picture,logo and words in the metal,plastic,leather,wood,crystal,glass,ceramic and so on.With high precision and low cost,it can solve the shortcomings in the traditional printing color and quantity without the film free of plate making.White material can be printing directly.Whatever color be printing, dark material printing will be some bleeding phenomenon. And it can’t let color display perfectly.The black material can’t display whatever color be printing.How does the universal printer to make the dark material print color directly like the white material?
Ways: By combining the traditional silk screen and flatbed digital printing technology to solve the limitations of dark material printing. Digital printing is the new trend of international printing. We can combine the traditional screen printing and digital printing by a simple pretreatment:First,Printing a layer of white on material.Then color printing picture,silk printing white.Finally,printing the picture.Such as phone case,plastic board and so on.