Ricoh Gen5 Print Head

maxcan uv  printer ricoh gen5 head

  1. As an industrial print head, Ricoh GEN5 print head is currently widely used. In public, it is the best and most cost-effective print head.
  2. Ricoh GEN5 print head has totally 1280 nozzles. It prints 2 colors per head.
  3. Ricoh GEN5 print head consists of independent plate, connecting cables and core head. It’s all steel structure with printing width as 54mm and strong cohesion-resistance.
  4. Ricoh GEN5 print head can achieve 24 hour continuous working per day. If with 20 hours continuous working per day, Ricoh GEN5 print head can be used for 3-5 years, over three times than that of other print heads.
  5. Ricoh GEN5 print head offers smallest ink dot as 7PL. UV printing effect is excellent and lifelike, which can print words clearly in 2pt font with variable ink dot printing.
  6. Ricoh GEN5 print head is hardly influenced by the work environment, free from influence of ink temperature and viscosity.(suitable for a variety of ink to offer high resolution printing and smooth inkjet)