How to keep printed materials of uv flatbed printer not fade

As uv flatbed printers in the uv printing industry are widely used in metal, glass, leather, ceramics, wood, fabric, PVC, acrylic, advertising materials and other industries in high-quality and high demand, some Problems such as fading also occurs. Today we are going to talk about that how uv flatbed printer print materials which do not fade.

First and foremost, the main factors that cause the fading of the print pattern are air, light and heat. Because oxygen is presented in the air and the ink undergoes an oxidation reaction, the color of the pattern is greatly affected. Therefore, the printed pattern should be placed in a cool shade environment, to ensure that patterns are not exposed to light, head.

Second is the printed material.
If the print material is relatively soft, large gaps between the particles, the surface in contact with air is very large, it will be easier to fade. If the surface is smooth and relatively hard material, under normal circumstances is not easy to fade, but if it is exposed to the sun, it will fade.

Third, ink quality.
The best way to achieve long-lasting image quality is to use a suitable ink and do post-print protection after printing. Customer should use of airtight ink, which is to ensure that the basic pattern long-term non-fading. Do not choose a long shelf life of ink, because of its larger particles, the internal is not easily oxidized and will destroy the printing effect.