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MCT4GS 01 T恤机-整理英文版1.0.cdr


MCT4GS Brand New Design Digital T-shirt Printing Machine

Leading printing control system and high quality configuration

  • Grey-scale print head supporting 4 degrees’ Grey-scale printing.
  • High precision, up to 600dpi X 1200dpi
  • Adopting high quality spare parts with advanced performances, high stability and strong anti-interference ability.
  • User-friendly design with surrounded printing startup mode , easy to operate independently by even one person.

Ricoh Gen5 print head

Ricoh Gen5 print head, with all-steel structure, is consisted of independent plate, connecting cables and core head. Its printing width is up to 54mm. With strong corrosion resistance, it can soak in the ink. What’s more, it can work 24h per day. The life span is up to 5 years, threefold of the same type print head, if it works 10h per day.

Mute linear guide rail with high precision

The linear guide rail is imported famous brand, with long life span and high stability which keeps the noise caused during the operation within 40 DB.

Anti-collision system for print head

With this system, the carriage will stop automatically when meeting obstacles so as to avoid damage of the carriage and print head and protect the operator.

Imported drag chain and cable from Germany

X axis adopts the imported drug chain which can protect cables and tubes from too much wear and tear and decrease noise under high speed motion.

High performance lead screw

High speed and precision(0.002MM), low noise, wear proof and precise positioning.

Self-developed and cold-drawn aluminum gantry with high strength

The gantry is made of international aerospace series aluminum with high strength and is processed by imported CNC equipment, which can ensure stability and the printing precision  25% higher than average level in the industry.

User-friendly operation system

This system integrates the on and off button, alarm device, touch screen and computer control which make the display effect more specific and has a supporter which can revolve freely and make it easy to operate. One person is enough to independently operate the machine.

Media thickness auto-measure system

This system can automatically measure the height between the print head and printing media so as to get the best printing height and make every drop of ink reach to its right position. This also can avoid the equipment damage caused by errors of manual adjustment.

Imported servo motors

The motor is durable and environmentally and with Synchronous belt can ensure precise mechanical transmission.   

Surrounded printing startup mode

This mode allows people to turn on the printing mode either in front of the machine or behind the machine so as to save time and improve the productivity.

Fully sealed wetting system

This system adopts top sealing ring which is made of high-elastic polymer rubber and has suitable softness and fit well with the surface of print head. This system can ensure the moisture of the nozzles and avoid the clog of nozzles so as to extend the life span of print head.

T-shirt adjustable placement and fix system

This system adopts advanced gas spring which is flexible, highly controllable and easy to operate. It can also fix the T-shirts very well with no wrinkles so as to improve the printing precision.

Fully automatic cleaning system

This system adopts rotary wiper blade and can automatically clean the print head very well. It is easy to operate and can protect the print head from being scratched.

PLC control system

This system adopts the leading brand in China and is with high performance, stability, reliability and strong anti-interference ability.

Professional RIP software

The software is ULTRA PRINT, the famous brand in China, with professional color management system and vivid color output.

Model Type MCT4GS
Print Head Type Ricoh GEN5
Print Head Quantity Uni-color 2*1(2pcs)  4*1(4pcs)

2+2(4pcs) 4+2(6pcs)  Bi-color 2*2(4pcs)

Printing Precision 300dpi
Printing Speed Draft Mode 2PASS



Standard Mode 3PASS



Quality Mode 4PASS



Printing size 4 work station 520*420mm(Adult board)
Color Control ICC Based Color, Curves and

Density Adjustment Function

Ink-jet technology Laminated drop on-demand piezo

and gray-scale printing technology

Ink type Pigment ink
Color profile 4 colors:K+C+M+Y
Printing media Cotton fabric
Interface USB3.0
Image format Tiff, JPEG, EPS, PDF
Drive System AC high precision servo motor
Power Specification AC220V±5%  50HZ>20A
Printer Dimension 2410(L)X2730(W)X1465(H)mm
Package Dimension 3000(L)X2280(W)X1630(H)mm
Printer Net Weight 620KG
Operational Environment Temperature: 20°C-35°C (68-95°F);

Humidity: 30-70 % RH

Why choose Maxcan UV flatbed printers?

1.Over 14 years of experience in the market of UV flatbed printers, Maxcan has always been focusing on researching and developing UV flatbed printers, making Maxcan a good reputation in the market.

2.Applied imported spare part such as German cables and Japan servo motor, it ensures more stable and reliable working conditions.

3.3H: High stability, high quality and high speed.

4.Maxcan standard Epson machine is equipped with 2 Epson Dx5 print heads. With 8 tunnels for each print head, 180 holes for every tunnel, 1440 holes in total for each print head, Maxcan Ricoh machine is able to print at a very high speed.

Maxcan standard Ricoh machine is equipped with 3 Ricoh GEN5 print heads, but also can be upgraded to 16 heads with the ability of R&D. With 4 tunnels for each print head, 320 holes for every tunnel, 1280 holes in total for each print head, Maxcan Ricoh machine is able to print at a very high speed.

5.The ink drop of Epson print head is at the least of 3.5PL, ensuring a highest printing precision.

The Ricoh printer supports grey-scale printing. The ink drop of Ricoh print head ranges from 7 to 35PL, saving more than 30% ink compared to other print heads, and also ensuring high precision.

6.Maxcan UV flatbed printers are widely used to print a lot of materials including acrylic, metal, wood, glass, plastic, phone covers, MDF, melamine board, foam boards, PVC boards, ceramic tiles, etc. Mirror effect, 3d effect, embossing effect and flat effect can be easily achieved.

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