Use method for UV lamp of UV flatbed printer













First, UV lamp environmental requirements:

1, Working voltage: 220VAC / 50HZ ( a stable voltage transformer is necessary);

2, Working temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃;

3, Relative humidity: 30% ~ 80%;

Second, UV lamp use requirements:

1, Adjust parameters: set working temperature at 25 degrees and alarming temperature at 40 degrees.

2, Open the chiller, after circulating 2 minutes, fill the water into the chiller.

3, Connect water pipes and wires to ensure that the water pipe is not folded and the line connection is good. Then inject distilled water to the chiller.

4, Select the matching lighting power, the matching magnetic flux leakage transformer and capacitors should meet the required voltage / current of the UV lamp. Magnetic flux leakage transformer rated power, secondary voltage / operating current / insulation coefficient / pressure level and the capacity of the capacitor / Pressure / impulse discharge times directly determine the luminous efficiency stability and life of UV lamp;

5, The vortex blower power should match the power of the UV lamp;

Note: Do not use strong winds to cool the surface of the lamp, otherwise too low temperature will cause the lamp lights off.

6, Select the appropriate reflector: UV lamp standard cover is spotlight cover.

7, According to the dirty conditions, to wipe 1 to 5 times the smooth surface of the glass lens.

8, Before opening the LED lights, open the chiller working for 5 minutes. The chiller has to work for 5 minutes and above to ensure that the LED lights are cooled to room temperature after turning off the UV lamp.