UV flatbed phone case printer


  • F2500 UV flatbed phone case printer is a multi-purpose printer fully developed by Maxcan, which employs print head with a 3.5PL nozzle and integrate core technology of phone printing machine. F2500 UV flatbed phone case printer features in large format printing, high speed with dual print heads, high resolution and stability, low maintenance cost and adaptable to various environments. When the ownership of F2500E UV flatbed phone case printer is yours, human cost would be greatly saved, productivity of other kind printers will be doubled or above. F2500E UV flatbed phone case printer helps you to gain an advantageous position in market with low cost of consumables including print head and ink.
  • Preferred Application

  • Advertising agency, production of various business gifts, art craft signs and boards.
  • Printing plants, special and custom printing service
  • Printing works in garment, textile and leather industries.
  • Plastic products, U disk, toy products.
  • Metal products, sign board products
  • Glass printing, crystal products.
  • Silicon products printing.
  • Shoes printing on surface, pad and bottom.
  • Printing of Oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings and other paintings.
  • Printing of hair band, hair pin, bracelet, pendant and other ornaments.
  • Printing of eye glass arms, frames and other glass accessories.
  • Printing of kitchen cabinet door, closet door, bathroom cabinet and other furniture.
  • Printing Shop, Wedding Photography Gallery, Scenic Spots, Hospitals and Schools.
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  • 2500e phone case printing

    Equipment details--UV flatbed phone case printer

    All Steel Frame Structure
    Applied all steel frame structure, better-structured frame made it more stable and keep high precision.

    Media Thickness Auto-detect System
    Equipped with media thickness auto-detect system, auto-adjust carriage height, deliver a supreme print quality.

    User-friendly Touch Screen
    Interactive operation with touch screen, Multi-Language available for global users.

    Sectional Vacuum Platform
    Sectional vacuuming platform, inlet volume control for different media makes printing easier and more efficient.

    High Performance Lead Screw
    Imported high speed mute screw, high-precision, low noise, wear proof and precise positioning.

    Technical Data
    Model F2500E-UV flatbed phone case printer
    UV device LED UV
    Print head quantity 2
    Print head type Drop on-demand Piezo head
    Printing resolutions 1440*720dpi/12Pass、1080*720dpi/8Pass、
    Printing mode Uni-direction and Bi-direction
    Printing speed (2 head, double 4 color) 6 Pass 8 Pass
    6.5m²/hr 5 m²/hr
    Media Handling Vacuum platform
    RIP solution Photoprint / Ultraprint
    File format Tiff,Jpeg,Postscript3,EPS,PDF and more
    Color control ICC based color, curves and density
    adjustment function
    Interface USB2.0
    Ink type UV curable ink
    Printing Color High-precision intelligent double IV 4 colors/4 colors (CMYK),
    CMYK + White
    Flatbed size 2500mm*1300mm
    Printable media Rigid and Flexible media
    glass, aluminum, plastic board, wood board,
    polystyrene board, leather, polyurethane,
    foam board, plastic sheet, metal sheet,
    textile, wallpaper, bricks, ceramic tiles
    and many more.
    Media thickness Up to 100mm ( 39.4 mil)
    Power specification 50Hz/60Hz,220V(±10%)>35A
    Operational environment Temperature: 20°C-28°C (68-82.4°F);
    Humidity: 40-60 % RH
    Dimensions[L × W × H] 4280mmX2080mmX1470mm
    Net Weight 1100 Kg

    F2500E  UV flatbed phone case printer is equipped with the highest resolution heads:

    1.With competitive price, it enjoys a large quantity of demands in market at home and abroad. Take most materials into consideration, it offers suitable printing dimension.

    2.Combined with imported key parts such as drag chain,servo motor and so on, our professional engineer teams and considerate after-sale service teams offer printer with high-quality and high-speed.

    3.All steel frame structure makes printer more stable. Its head offer highest precision printing on various materials, such as acrylic,metal,wood,glass,plastic,phone covers,MDF,melamine board,foam boards,PVC boards,ceramic tiles and so on.It can provide printing effect as mirror effect,3D effect,embossed effect and flat effect.

    4.3H---High-stability,high-quality and high-speed will improve your printing efficiency with lower cost.

    Why choose Maxcan Navigator Series F2500E UV flatbed phone case printer?

    1. With over 14 years of experience in design and produce printer controllers and 5 years of experience in manufacturing UV flatbed printer, Maxcan has always been focus on improving UV flatbed printer only, which helped us to build good reputation from domestic & oversea market.

    2.MAXCAN F2500E is equipped with print heads from Japan. F2500E enables you to start business at very low investment, while allows you to do a wide range of printing job.

    3. F2500E have a highest resolution printing compare to other print heads machine, it is widely used in printing medias including acrylic, metal, wood, glass, plastic, phone covers, MDF, melamine board, foam boards, PVC boards, ceramic tiles and more. It can create printing effect as mirror effect, 3D effect, embossed result and flat printing.

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